Power Storages keep power longer than batteries and flywheels

My inventions at www.thrilling.me.uk have some thing very unique, which is a power storage. Rechargeable batteries like car batteries and flywheels are common power storages used in common applications, but each one has serious disadvantages. Car batteries can store power for long periods but they are not efficient and complicated to make. Flywheels are efficient but can not keep power stored for long periods and have high rotational speeds. On the other hand, power storages of these inventions don't have any of these disadvantages but they have all the advantages. They are efficient and can keep power stored for years without loss. In addition, these power storages can be used to start up vehicles instead of starters. Eventually they could replace motor starters. A vehicle, without motor starter, doesn't need the use of a battery except when the engine is off for lighting purposes. This should lead to the introduction of cheaper and simpler car batteries.

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