My speech on the funeral of my departed wife

Fourteen years ago, I took over fifties life insurance to cover my funeral expenses and gave it to Nerissa, my wife,  with instructions for a simple funeral service  for myself after my death. She supposed to be in this place, not me.  I supposed to be in this coffin, not her.  I never dreamed to see this day.  I wanted to cremate her and and keep her ashes to be mixed with my ashes after my death and buried at the same spot. But I persuaded to give up this idea.


We met 34 years ago. The first time I met her I gave her yellow flowers. The second time, she introduced me to her brother and her sister in law. The third time, I gave her a record of Franck Sinatra singing strangers in the night. We were from different cultural backgrounds. She was from Far East, I was from Middle East. She was a committed catholic, I was a none believer. But we were from the same social class, we had an exact social background.  We were almost like identical twins on most aspects of life. We lived life for the better and for the worst. We have a son and a grand daughter. The mother of our grand daughter is more than a daughter for us.


Nerissa was a committed and dedicated catholic. She always went to the church for daily prayer and the mass. She was a member of Banal Na Pag-Aaral group. She always joined the group on retreat or weekly vigil. She was also very close to Lanet and her friends. Whenever she had a chance she joined Lanet and her friends at lanet's house for prayer and   mass. For Nerissa, her religion was very important. When she discovered she had cancer she went to her religion as her last shelter and saviour. Her belief gave her strong confidence in herself.  She believed without doubt her faith would save her.


When she discovered she was suffering from advanced cancer, she immediately decided to go on a visit to Lourdes and other holly places abroad. Her visit took about two weeks. She went to France, Portugal and Spain with Lanet and her friends in a mini bus. She went to the top of many  mountains. It was freezing cold and was snowing most of the time. She took bath twice in   a freezing  cold holly water and embraced holy Mary, begging for her life, while she was in freezing cold holly water.


Every day I telephoned her twice , once in the morning and once in the evening to raise her confidence. Every morning I went to the church to light a candle for her and pray on her behalf. Every morning when I telephoned her I told her about morning prayer in the church. It was a miracle when she came back she was alive and in the same condition.


Two weeks before Christmas, they brought Fatima and sacred heart to our home. Every evening we prayed for them for around an hour. It was obvious she was losing the battle. Every evening, she was weaker than  the evening before. But each evening, when she prayed, she seemed to be as nothing was wrong with her. Every evening, when she prayed she begged for her life.


Medical establishments failed her and were cruel and unkind to her. She became ill as far back as last April. They didn't know  what was wrong with her until last October, after six months. They didn't suspect she had cancer although the signs were there. She was losing weight fast. That was the sign of cancer. When they discovered she had cancer they bluntly told her she couldn't recover. Because she had advanced cancer in her right lung and liver.


When I asked them if there was any other means to cure cancer, they said: 'Not whatsoever'. Well, they were wrong. Because there are many other alternative means to cure cancer including advanced cancer. Each one depends on a theory and each proved to be working good enough.


When I asked them if a human could survive with one lung and half liver, they said yes. After that I told them in that case she had a chance with half of my liver implanted in her body. I told them to get rid of her liver and her right lung with cancer and implant half of my liver in her body. They said that was not possible because cancer cells exist in her blood and would infect any other parts of her body including my liver.


I told them no problem, we take that chance because some thing was better than nothing and the chances were very good. Because cancer cells, in her blood, couldn't infect my liver immediately and after the operation, her blood stream could be cleaned from cancer cells with radiotherapy or chemotherapy or at least it prolongs her life. They refused.


   Nerissa, by herself, discovered proven alternatives means exist to cure from cancer. But it was too late. For example, there is a machine, which can control cancer. This machine costs £39.00, which every one can afford. Another example is a simple veg recipe, made up of beetroot, carrot, celery, radish and potatoes. There are many other examples. Each example has proved working good enough. The point is this: if hospitals fail to cure, don't give up as we did. There must exist an alternative means of cure some where.

Please always remember Nerissa, my wife, and pray for her. May she rest in peace.

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