It was just an idea inspired by an Ancient Roman Technology, later discovered to be Eurekas.”

An Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurs Wanted

An entrepreneur or entrepreneurs wanted to build a new green business to become bigger than UK BP and USA GM when both put together. This is to take charge of my inventions at to make them to become a viable strong worldwide green business. You have to mobilise resources; administrative, engineering and marketing skills, and have full finance or raise full finance to build the business. As an entrepreneur or entrepreneurs, you need to have experience with corporate and conglomerate businesses and can build a new green company from nothing to enter engineering, transportation and construction industries, something which should be like a piece of cake as each one of these inventions, as well as being green, has strong edges over competition and once gets a place in the market, it makes competition as something nothing to worry about.

What is your reward? You will take 50% profit in addition to your wages, salaries, perks and return on your investment, as well as the option to buy up to 50% rights of ownership to these inventions. You will become billionaires and wealthier than any one else in the world, certainly a lot wealthier than the wealthiest American Icon, who has only American market against a strong competition. But you are going to have global markets with strong edges over competition. You don't have risks and you don't have serious competition. So what is unique about these inventions to become such a big green business with such a big reward:

1- The inventions include new vehicle green brake systems, which recovers and stores brake and shock absorber power. This recovered power recycled to drive the engine to save on the cost of fuel. It also completely eliminates brake wear and tear because of braking friction. No longer you need to take your car periodically to fit new brake pads and brake shoes or pay heavy bills for damaged brake disks and drums, which now could last the life of the vehicle. This new green braking system can be used for all types of vehicles, like cars, vans, buses including trains.

From now over each vehicle or train they make, they have to fit this new braking system to it. Imagine how much tax payers money in London, it can save when fitted to London buses and underground trains. Imagine how much train companies can save on the cost of fuel and wear and tear because of brake friction when they fit this new frictionless and power generator brake system to their trains.

2- Train external brakes and brake power recovery and storage for recycle: These external brakes fitted externally to stop trains at stations, where trains always have to take brake to slow down and stop. It has two major advantages besides of being green:

A- It completely eradicates brake friction between the brake and wheels and between wheels and rails. This eliminates wear and tear on the brake, wheels and rails.

B- It recovers and stores train brake power, which can be used to run escalators or converted to electricity and fed into national grid to generate some extra revenue.

3- Aeroplane external brakes and brake power recovery and storage for recycle. These external brakes fitted to landing runways to stop landing aeroplanes. By doing so, it eliminates the need for the landing aeroplane to use internal friction brakes. This saves brake friction and the friction between the wheels and the ground. Consequently wears and tears because of friction, which are very expensive to repair, are completely eliminated. In addition to that, the power of landing aeroplane brakes recovered, stored and put under control for use.

4- The inventions include a power collector, which can be fitted to lifts, like public building lifts, and windmills. It can increase power production of windmills by many times and can collect and reuse potential power of descending lifts. This reduces the cost of running lifts at least by half. For example if a lift, fitted with Power Collector and ten people inside, descends from the top of a building, the Power Collector collects the potential power of the weight of the lift and the total weight of at least nine people from the top to the bottom of the building for recycle to push back the lift to the top next time. Next time when the lift goes back to the top with eight people inside, the Power Collector recycles the stored energy to send back the lift with eight people inside to the top without the need for any extra power. From now over each lift or each windmill, they build, they have to fit a power collector to it.

5- The inventions also include Gliding Brides, new means of transportations, which doesn't need any power if used only for passenger transportation. It doesn't need expensive capital skills, costs the cost of an A-type road and can go as fast as necessary. It will replace railway lines and most of the bridges. It is some thing out of Sci-fi fiction but it is not a fiction, it is real. In theory it can travel between London and Gatwick Airport, 35.00Km journey, in under two minutes. The whole of the developing countries will go for it immediately. Because they can afford it easily, they have the skills, the capital and the labour for it inexpensively.

6- The inventions also include SWISAW™, which has many applications. The following paragraph is the view of an independent assessor, who has seen SWISAW ™ after signing none disclosure agreement contract:

We believe that you have a very innovative invention; one that clearly and effectively provides a combined swing and see-saw apparatus. Furthermore, we are impressed with the ingenuity of your design, most notably your inclusion of the Swisaw gliding mechanism that swings forward and backward and up and down at the same time.”

SWISAW ™ has multiple applications. A design of it can be made for use at school and public park playgrounds and at homes to thrill children as well as adults. Children will save their pocket money on sweets and chocolates to buy a ride on Swisaw ™ to get the thrill of their life. Also it can be made for use at funfair and, amusement and theme parks to thrill people as riders and spectators with spectacular shows rivalling roller coasters to thrill. In addition to these, it can be made as indoor outdoor display advertising. Every shops and supermarkets will use it for publicity on a large scale. It can be made as a soft rocking bed for babies and adults for super riches, movie stars, celebrities and pop stars.

Full technical details, of any one of these inventions, cany be disclosed to qualifed interested parties after signing None Disclosure Agreement Contract Form. Click to print the form or let me know to send one.

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