It was just an idea inspired by an Ancient Roman Technology later discovered to be EUREKAs.

Can you negotiate multi million pound contracts?
If yes, you can become my business partner?

Highly experienced Negotiators with local authorities and large corporations invited to join me in a business partnership to sell my inventions to local authorities and relevant companies on profit sharing or commission basis at 40% of generated revenue from any contract. Once a negotiator completed the signing of a contract, he or she takes 40% of the generated revenue from the contract during the life of the contract from the beginning to the end. When I talk about contracts, I mean contracts each worth multi million pounds with governments and large companies at home and abroad.

Who are interested in my inventions? Public transport companies like bus and train operators, lift and vehicle manufactures, green energy companies, local and central authorities, airport authorities, companies in advertising, health and amusement business and new evolving companies looking to create new viable good business.

Public Transports like London Transport need to fit my Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™ to their fleet of buses and underground trains to save on fuel and reduce wear and tear. Railway companies and tubes need to use the same system as Train Brake and train brake power recovery and recycle . Besides of collecting train brake power for reuse, it eliminates the need for trains to use frictional brake always. This also saves a lot on wear and tear. Imagine how much London transport can save on the cost of fuel and wear and tear when all London buses, trains and tubes are fitted with my Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™

Public lift and elevator manufacturers need to fit my Power Collector to their lifts and elevators because my power collector can collect and store almost all potential energy of descending lifts and elevators and use it to operate them. This should reduce the cost of running lifts and elevators at least by 50% or could be by as much as 95%. Imagine a lift fitted with power collector, with ten people in side descending from the top of a building to the ground. The power collector collects and stores the potential energy of the lift and people inside it. Next time when the lift ascends back to the top, assume it carries eight people, two people lass than when it came down. Now the power collector should be able to drive the lift to the top of building with the use of the stored power of the left and people during descending.

Green Companies also interested in my power collector for use to collect water, wind and solar power. To recognise the value of a Power Collector in this case, just imagine the power of a small stream of water down in mountain valley can operate a water pump with my Power Collector to pump up water to the top of the mountain.

Vehicle manufacturers need to fit my Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™ to the vehicles, cars or vans or lorries, which they make to save on fuel. A vehicle fitted with my Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™ recovers the power of each brake taken or each shock received to use it to drive the vehicle. So from now over, no vehicle will be complete without my Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™

Advertising, gem, health and amusement equipment manufacturers are interested to make SWISAW ™, which even can be made as soft rocking bed for babies or a rocking bed for adults, especially courting couples. No girl will ever refuses you her heart on a bed of SWISAW ™. When you take her home, invite her to try the thrill of Swisaw ™. After a few minutes of her being swisawed gently, she enters the world of romance and invites you to take her heart. On the other hand, you can use your Swisaw ™ to swisaw your body to the bones when you are bored or after a hard days of work to get rid of all the pains and aches in your body.

The last, but not the least, is my GLIDING BRIDGES , which is some thing out of a sci-fi fiction but it is not a fiction. It is real. Most probably GLIDING BRIDGES will gradually replace all railway lines and possibly some bridges. From now over, when governments especially governments of developing countries make plans to build new railways or bridge, go for my GLIDING BRIDGES . Besides of landing aeroplane brakes and aeroplane brake power recovery for reuse, airport authorities may be interested in my GLIDING BRIDGES to ferry passengers. Heathrow airport needs to build one between terminal 5 and other three terminals. Gatwick airport needs to build one to London to ferry passengers under half an hour. In theory it can do it in a few minutes.

So if you can negotiate multimillion pound contracts to sell any one of my inventions as a freelance on your own expenses and you are a citizen of UK or USA please send me your CV. After that I send you a letter of authority to negotiate. I shall also send you a copy of my NDA (None Disclosure Agreement Contract) with your name and address on it as an authorised business partner. After that you contact any client you choose like a vehicle or wind turbine or lift manufacturer or local authorities in writing with a photocopy of the NDA. You may also use phone calls to raise their interest. You have to persuade your chosen clients to fill and sign my NDA and send them back to you. After that you send it to me to send them full technical details of the invention. After that, I leave the rest in your hand. Each contract becomes valid and complete after I sign it.

On the other hand, any business partner, who is able to raise finance to convert these inventions to a viable strong business, can become fully in charge to run the business with the option to buy half of the business or take 40% of profit after wages and perks. One can also becomes my business partner by paying the cost of patenting these invention in any country or countries. When you bear the cost of patenting in any country, 40% of the invention/s patented becomes your property in the coutry/ies where you paid patenting cost. Every one welcome to apply. But before you apply please bear in mind that this is a hard job, you can do it only if you have an iron mind and spirit and highly experienced in hard negotiations to seal multi million pound contracts.

Once a business partner succeeds to persuade a client to sign NDA to see technical details of an invention, this invention will not available for any one else to see during the period of negotiation or for a period of not less than one month and not more than two months. When a contract signed on an invention, depending on the terms of contract, this invention may or may not become available again for others to see.

Please send your CV to: R. M. Ahmad, 32 Hollybush Street, London E13 9DZ UK
020 8552 4990 Mob: 077 1212 6265