It was just an idea inspired by an Ancient Roman Technology later discovered to be EUREKAs.

So What can these redesigned systems can do?

1- SWISAW ™ can be made for many different applications like entertainment, display advertising and therapeutic means. For entertainment, it can thrill children as well as adults as riders and spectators. Children will save their pocket money on sweets and chocolates to get a thrill on Swisaw ™. Most probably it is going to become the strongest indoor and outdoor display advertising. It has a strong pulling power because it creates a lot of strong eye-catching movements. The following is the view of a professional independent evaluator, who has seen Swisaw ™ after signing NDA:

We believe that you have a very innovative invention; one that clearly and effectively provides a combined == and == apparatus. Furthermore, we are impressed with the ingenuity of your design, most notably your inclusion of the Swisaw gliding mechanism that swings forward and backward and up and down at the same time.”

2- GLIDING BRIDGES ™ can be made as a new form of public transport, may not need any power and can be made to travel faster than bullet and magnetically levitated trains. For example it can be made to travel from Glasgow to London in ten minutes. But that is in theory on papers. In real application, it should cut travel time a lot and may not need any power if used as passenger carrier only. What is the cost to building it? Not more than the cost of building an A-type road between London and Glasgow. Capital skill? Available like dust and lower than the skill needed to build, run and maintain the usual public transport.

GLIDING BRIDGES ™ also can be used like Woolwich Ferry to ferry people and vehicles across river. Woolwich Ferry takes about 6 minutes per crossing. Gliding Bridges should do it under one minute. Not only that, they will become like power generators. They convert the weight of anything they carry to usable power per each crossing.

3- Power Collector (Force Multiplier): it collects power from a power source, like wind, solar and water, and releases it when the level of the collected power becomes higher than the level of the power source to do a job, which needs a power higher than the power source. It could be classified as improvement in lever system, which practically for example can not be used with one kilo gram force to move one thousand kilo gram force. But with power collector, you can do that.

To recognise the value of power collector, lets use public building lifts and windmills as two examples. With use of power collector, potential power of descending lifts can be collected, stored and used. This cuts power cost of operating lifts as much as by half. Windmills operate over a certain wind speed. Lets assume it is 100 kilo gram force wind speed. With the use of power collector, we can make it to operate when wind speed reaches 20.00 kilo gram force, which is five times smaller than 100. This means we have increased power production capacity of a windmill by five times.

It can be also used as used power collector and storage for Gliding Bridges ™ for reuse or recycling.

4- Brake and Shock Absorber Power Recycle ™ : This is a revolution in petrol and diesel saving and brake power recycling. It can be made to collect and store brake and shock absorber power of cars, vans and lorries for recycling to save fuel. Also it can be made as brakes and to collect brake power of trains and landing aeroplanes for reuse.